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G U said:
Sounds cool. Id rather just have what the laptop is worth in money. Alien ware is way over priced. I used to have one and had problems with it constantly.

Same for me. Got my money back in the end under the warranty terms and now have a PC that cost < 1/2 the amount for the same specs.

Alienware are shockingly overpriced. They also push components that are not suitable for the use they sell them for. Their desktops are the worst. They purposely try to push you into getting a socket 2011 processor by not offering k type x7 socket processors. They offer awful graphics cards with PCs that cost > £1k due to the terrible choice of components. A PC that costs >£1k should have a 280x minimum IMO.

It is all geared towards luring you into spending more than you need to by not offering a good choice of components on the cheaper options.

They were always overpriced but when dell took over it got really bad. That was when they intentionally started limiting the options.

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Dell has always used cheap stuff for their builds and since they bought alienware it went down the tubes with dell. If you want a better laptop or tower custom built for half the price go to cyberpower. After doing a lot of research and comparing prices I went with cyberpower. As RHo said, alienware was pushing older cpu's and very limited on what you could pick from. Cyberpower will let you pick everything you want or don't want in your computer.

And as for this drawing, since I refuse to use FB I guess I will not be entering for the drawing. They should have an alternate way of entering for the drawing for RS members. Like they have done before, an automatic entry if a member

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I used Overclockers. They have a huge range and you can also phone them and have a completely custom built PC with anything you want that is possible. They also don't charge much for building it (about 10%). They don't use their own components like Dell do and use the same ones used by self builders.

They do sell some silly ones too though with the most expensive being like £10k. :P But the normal ones are great value.

But there are lots of great places out there to buy from if you can't build your own PC. I always do research on a shop before buying to find out about their customer service.

I entered anyway since I have a FB account I never use. If I win I may just sell it and buy an MSI (the best IMO) one then pocket the difference. :P

I'd probably find out how much I could get for it first to see if it would be worth it. The resale value might not be so great.

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Cryideaopen said:
Hinyness said:
Cryideaopen said:
Hinyness said:

I bought myself a 900 euro acer laptop before christmas and it has almost the same specs. Mine has i7-4702MQ 2.2-3.2GHz(w/turbo), NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 760m 2.0 GB GDDR5, Full HD 17.3" Acer ComfyView LCD, 8GB memory DDR3, RPM 5400, 1 Terabyte HDD, 120W power usage.

Mine only has a crappier casing and no backlights, but it can play RS smoothly on max if i take idle animation off. That alienware can also just barely play RS on max setting and forget about HM*L5 beta.

I still entered and hope to have a backup Laptop.

Lol wut? I'm currently using Lenovo G505s what specs are alot crappier than yours, and it still can play RS with MAXED settings AND with animations. I can even play HTML5 with low-mid settings.
Mine does run on max setting, but if i turn on anti aliasing then my FPS goes really blurry, i can only use anti aliasing if i turn idle animation off. Don't get me wrong its still playable on max, but it is not smooth like 50 fps, for that i have to turn off either anti aliasing or idle animation.

HTML5 i can also run on the lowest setting with decent FPS, but i am talking about running slow on max settings.

Oh, i see. But trust me, I've bought Alienware computer twice in my life, they deserve the gamer computer name! Yes, perhaps it is LITTLEBIT overpriced, but well, who really cares about that? Alienware is alienware! And Alienware WILL run HTML5 with maxed settings very smoothly. I've bought alot of gaming computers (laptops and deskops), and I can say, that Alienware was the best of them all!
Do you mean the best Desktop model of alienware will run HTML5 smoothly or do you mean this particular laptop in this contest?

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