Araxxor Live Stream 28/07 6pm

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Araxxor Live Stream 28/07 6pm BST

With Araxxor now live in-game, and Twitch Integration right alongside it, players from across the globe can now live stream their screams of terror as they delve deep into Araxxor’s Lair.

Tonight we’ll be showcasing both of these updates, giving players a rundown of how to get into streaming themselves, as well as some (likely hilarious) attempts to take Araxxor down.

However, when Mods Simon and James inevitably succumb to Araxxor’s overwhelming power, they will be joined by two special guests! Video maker Kieren (aka FairytalesRS) and seasoned streamer ScapeSkill will be on hand to show off their combat prowess and attempt to obtain some of Araxxor’s precious loot.

So be sure to tune in to the RuneScape Twitch channel, live from 6pm BST tonight, Monday 28th July.

Mod Simon and Mod James

Live Streaming Team

28-Jul-2014 14:16:50

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Sounds great, can't wait!

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28-Jul-2014 15:08:59

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*turns on stream*
Revolution and auto-retaliate on....bomb lure failed and doesn't quite know how to turn off auto-retaliate......I'll wait until the farce is over and ask if anything decently funny or interesting happened. If it's a joke stream, then good attempt. If they were serious, then why did you pit a legacist against a new boss without first putting him into legacy mode?
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28-Jul-2014 19:28:50

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