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Mod Kalaya

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Everyone up to this point should now have access to Gold VIP forums.


If you don't have access, it's likely because you're not a VIP member. VIP's have a golden shield instead of the red jewel, underneath their avatar.

If you're definitely VIP and haven't been granted access, feel free to post again and we'll get you added :)


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19-Sep-2014 14:34:49



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I'd like access.., because, I don't want to potentially miss out.

Also.. PSA: I can't see any videos on Twitch when I browse, including those of the official RS channel. I can only see videos when I get the direct URL, more people could have this problem. Might be interesting idea to post the direct URLs of RS videos when they're done.
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19-Sep-2014 14:40:58

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