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2015 looks awesome! I can't wait! When is it coming?

Change our world -Seems like another promotion that says "players are gonna come up with ideas". The fact that we make the content would be crazy and awesome!

RuneLabs -This idea sounds good. Is it going to be implemented in game or will it be on the website? I've had a lot of ideas that never got heard of (bank hotkeys, miniquest checklist, buying more action slots with Runecoins, Runescape Snapshots, etc...) and this might be a way for me to get my ideas heard! I like how you even put an icon so that we know you're serious about this.

Community Development Team -Wow, Jagex is really trying hard to work with the players. Will this team be coming out with the Behind The Scenes Videos from now on?

200th Quest -Man I love this idea. I think every quest should be a prerequisite for this quest. This is truely genius. Will this play out like Recipe for Disaster where there are 10 parts to the quest? Will this also be a repeatable quest?

Zamarok Heist -The rewards better be good!

Elder Gods -I'm not really interested in meeting gods, tbh.

Christmas 2014 -You're a year late for the winter Gielinor Games. That was supposed to be earlier this year, following the Olympics conventions. but hey, a giant cracker sounds good. I will be the player that will hog all the prizes in that cracker.

Ports Expansion -I can finally do ports at last since I have 90 Agility. This better come out soon. Other than that, don't do any more ports updates in the next 5 years, okay?

Chronicle -Not interested in card games unless it benefits me in game. Maybe add this as an expansion to RS Companion?

HTML 5 -I forgive you. I never understood the concept of it.

11-Oct-2014 23:58:51



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Valley of the Dead -I wasn't looking forward to this, so I forgive you. As for Wildy updates, I think that the Wildy is scary as it is. Roaming bosses would make travelling through it harder. But by all means, put more high level content into the wildy, such as Rocktails or a store that you can buy expensive potions from, such as Overloads for those who don't have the Herblore level.

Inventor -No. Don't scrape this idea. I vote that Inventor should be kept because the Godless is supposed to play an important role in it! Think of the Godless! Also, its supposed to be the artisan skill for Divination. Please keep Inventor! Its a good concept, but I really wanted Elf City to come out first.

World Event -Tuska scares me. Part of me wants her to win to see what happens, but that would end Runescape as we know it. Personally, I think its too early for Tuska to be introduced to RuneScape, but that's just me.

Another God Wars Dungeon -I only started coming here this year. What is meant by "another" God Wars Dungeon?

Minigame Spotlights -I hope F2P can get involved when the spotlight is placed on a F2P minigame. Cabbage Facepunch and Fist of Guthix needs to be one of these spotlights!

Ironman -Can't wait!

Something I want you to mention something about:
RS Companion -Any more plans for this?
The Church of You -I liked this idea.

11-Oct-2014 23:59:03

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