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10th Anniversary T-Shirt Design!
10th Anniversary T-Shirt Design Competition

It'll soon be RuneScape's ten year anniversary - a momentous occasion indeed!
Aside from the host of awesome events we already have planned (look out for more news soon), we want to immortalise the occasion with a nice piece of limited edition clothing that will be made available to fans of RuneScape world wide.
So what would a 10th anniversary limited edition t-shirt look like? You tell us!
No seriously, you tell us. Who better to design such a t-shirt than the incredible community who've followed RuneScape for so many years?
So, we want you to send us your design for a 10 year anniversary t-shirt that we can then sell in the Jagex Store; and don't worry, you don't have to be an amazing artist, as this isn't about the quality of your submission, it's about the concept of the design. We'll take your concept and work with Jagex artists to get your design onto a nice piece of clothing that will be sold worldwide on the Jagex Store!
  • Attach your design as an easily recognised file (JPEG, GIF, PNG etc) to an email and ping it over to us at with the subject: 10th Anniversary T-Shirt Design
  • Your work must be your own and you must have permission to use any borrowed imagery.
  • We're happy to accept entries from today (December 6th) until the close date so make sure your submissions reach us by 23:59 PM GMT on New Year's Eve (that's the 31st December in case you were wondering)
  • All entries must comply fully with the Rules of RuneScape, Competition T&Cs and Terms & Conditions

Seeing your work for sale in the store is pretty cool, but weĺll also send the winner a t-shirt featuring your design as well as a store voucher so you can stock up on additional t-shirts featuring your design or any others that take your fancy. It doesnĺt stop there though, as weĺll also send you a signed and framed print of your design and add 12- months membership to a RuneScape account of your choice. Not bad eh?
Good luck everyone!!
Mod Paul M & Mod Hohbein

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  • Can I enter more than once?

    You can enter as many times as you like! :)

  • Can I use a computer program to put my design together?

    Please do! We welcome any kind of design, whether it's hand drawn or using a computer program

  • I'm not good at drawing, can I still enter?

    Absolutely. As mentioned above, this competition isn't about being an amazing artist, it's about having a great idea for a t-shirt design.

06-Dec-2010 13:12:55

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Happy 10th Anniv!
*gets out piece of paper and pencil*, now all i need is an idea :p
"Aside from the host of awesome events we already have planned " -- ohh, can't wait :) ,___,
V a & Orum ^_^ ---------------------

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Not going to lie, but I'm going to win. :)
anyway, got question: If you want text on it, can you also put the text next to the t-shirt in the picture, allowing yourself to enlarge the text so that it's clear?

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w000t first page
im am so gonna pwn u all of u guys.
EDIT for sig
we are allowed to use all rs related art right?
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Hi guys,
Awesome, there's some decent design battling going on already. Bring it on!
text on the t-shirt, you can add it however you want to as it's a concept. if you've a font in mind and you're sketching out the design by hand, feel free to just point us to the font you see the final design appearing in.
Talking of fonts. Just a quick tip - comic sans ftl. ;)

06-Dec-2010 16:37:44

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I made a hudge thread about runescape 10th birtday about month ago, and its still active, ive put dozen of rewards , quests , and activities on page 1.
It seems like jagex is preparing a super cool event!

ill do some drawing myself 2.

merry christmas, happy new -year and happy birthday!!!!!!!!

greetz aliensslayer:):):):):):):):)

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