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Howdy Scapers!

Today, the
Orb of Oculus
get a fresh revamp, so what better occasion to host a

To enter, all you need to do is a take a picture or your character with the orb of oculus. But there are certain conditions (C’mon you didn’t think it would be that easy?).

For this contest I would like you all to pretend you are
, spying on your own character. What does he or she get up to when there are no monsters to save or when the world doesn't need saving ? Does he or she like to chill ‘n skill a bit? Go to the tavern and grab a beer? Grab a cup of tea in Varrock? It’s up to you to show us!

The most creative screenshots will win.

1st place
: Full set of Elf city Skill chips (from RuneFest) + signed artwork + 1 bond
2 runners up
: Signed artwork + 1 bond

Please send all entries to

EDIT: Competition ends on Wednesday 26th of November at 11:59 am GMT!

Preferred image type: JPEG
Preferred sending method: As an attachment to the e-mail.
Preferred size: max- 1920 × 1080 (No minimum size, but please avoid small & blurry images)

You may still submit your image if it doesn't fit the above size and format criteria.

One entry per person.

As this competition is showcasing the new and improved Orb of Oculus, all entries are to be submitted unaltered (Yes that means no Paint, Photoshop or any other image altering tool!) :)

(Don't worry, if you like the idea of this competition, there will be more like this in the future where photo editing will be encouraged!)

Competition Terms and conditions.
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The questions that forgets to be answered nearly all the time:

Should the picture be attached to the email or should we use a link?

Also, preferred resolutions?
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You do realize I'm now going to be walking all over RuneScape as a landscaper now until I get something that sings to me, right?

Edit: Can we have a deadline date, please?

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