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Lumine said:
NZ Sheeps said:
Am I reading this right?

Mod Jd said:
I don’t have a Samurai outfit. How do I get one?

All you have to do is get this year’s competition page and click the ‘Vote’ button in the top-right-hand corner. You get one vote per day, so choose wisely! Pop back each day to check out all the new entries each day!

You're reading what it says right, but they've obviously written it wrong.

The question is about how to get a Samurai outfit; the answer is how to vote.

They URGENTLY need to fix it.

Woken up and realised that it looks like ITS BEEN EDITED! Sneaky Jagex :P

Here's what it use to say:

Mod Jd said:
If you can't get the Samurai Outfit, fear not! There are additional options for you though. Think Tetsu armour, Samurai Haircut, and Katanas! The key thing to highlight is we want you to be creative.

Still Good Luck to whoever is entering ;P!
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