49th Player Gallery

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49th Player Gallery

Well done to our winner Verdanda with the piece titled:

"Journey to the Misty Market"

2nd place goes to a piece titled "Katana Bae" by V O R P A L.

As we had very few entries for the 49th Player Gallery, we have decided to give joint third place to those that took part.

Thank you Red Squirrel for this piece titled "Me and Meet Dave looking for the eastern lands".

And Virtual Wolf for this great entry titled: "Shark Attack!"

I'll be adding the goodies to your account shortly. Verdanda, I'll be contacting you in response to your e-mail to get the signed concept art and designer feedback sent out to you (I'll also back it up with a message to your message centre so you know the e-mail is from me.

Thank you so much for your entries everyone. I'm sorry it's been so late. Hopefully people will be able to see your entries for a while until I have all the images up on the wiki. =)

Keep up the great work!

50th Player Gallery Winners will be announced at the end of the month.

Thank you. ^_^
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11-Mar-2015 15:52:13

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