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And the winner is....


The World Guardian has been invited to a clandestine meeting that could decide the future of Gielinor; the fate of the world rests in your hands. Following a trying ordeal, the Guardian arrives in a dark room with hooded figures sat around a large table. But something seems amiss… Suddenly, the door slams and blinding lights flare to illuminate the area. The people at the table are not in fact your hosts, but other famous heroes tied, gagged, and trapped in the lair of a madman.

Your captor Carl, or the ‘Fanatic’ as he prefers to be called, is a huge fan of heroes and has spent years collecting his favorites and then storing them in this secret lair to keep them in “mint condition.” Left to your own devices, it’s up to the World Guardian to find a way to free their trapped friends and comrades and escape from this dastardly dungeon! After bypassing the security systems and departing this deranged prison, the Fanatic leaves you with one final message: in his youth he discovered a way to see through time, and he collects heroes not to keep them as trophies, but to save them from their impending death…

Congratulations, you have an inbox message awaiting you :)

Of course, I could just pick out one story, so I feel these two had to have an honourable mention...

From Meet Dave:

OK she’s lost it. The Oracle has predicted the end of the world and impending doom and has enlisted the help of her minions to prepare everyone. The thing is... no one believes her. Well, when I say no one....

The doomsayer is delighted about the oracle’s prediction as everyone will finally start believing him. He was right all along! Except, the lumbridge locals have gathered and they've both become the laughing stock of the town. And to make matters worse the news has spread. Citizens from other towns have traveled from far and wide to witness the “event of the century”.

Prepare yourself as runescape’s busiest quest featuring the most prominent quest NPC’s in-game making an appearance as the oracle’s vision comes to light.

When the time comes and all defenses are in place ready to combat whatever dangers there may be… the citizens laugh. However, the event is far from over. As the ground rumbles and a massive crack of lightning is heard in the sky get ready for the arrival of a new god as you witness the omen of the oracle take place.

And, from Skwol..

The quest revolves around Hans the lumbridge veteran. In Veteran Adventures you are going to give Hans a boost into the adventuring world. After years spending at lumbrdige castle Hans has seen the biggest noobs transforming into nex solo-ing heroes. Hans has grown bored and wants to be an big adventurer like you. So first you want to get him some proper gear. Hans is an expert on noobs and knows what gear is bad, so no bronze. Hans tells you that he knows how to get some good gear around Lumbridge. The Duke probably has a whole armory full of expensive armor. You will have to question guards to find out where the armory is. After you stole it and gave it to Hans you will need to help him with your master adventurer knowledge. This is done by completing tasks from a list given by Hans (don't underestimate them, Hans knows his business) and after tasking tell him of your experiences. The quest is complete, Hans has adventuring potential now. Continued?

Well done everyone, and thank you to all who took part ^_^

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