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There is an error with the Summer Sweepstake. Even if I do everything it asks and enter all details it jumps to a confirmation dialog which says I must be 13 years old or older in order to continue and I must click confirm to continue. But when I click continue nothing happens, and I'm stuck at the page... I'm well over 20... I hope someone sees this from Jagex...

Edit: Tried it on Firefox, Google Chrome and EVEN Internet Explorer

Edit 2: Also registered on Woobox with Facebook, because I thought maybe that's the problem...

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Rex Caeli

Rex Caeli

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You've survived a Tuska Apocalypse!

Whoa, we've got a badass over here. After living off of Swamp Frogs for weeks, PKing all your friends for their gear, and turning your POH into a barricade, you emerge triumphant. It's time to celebrate - if you had anyone left to celebrate with, that is.

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