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wow I just now read this , but like the others yes I am disappointed, for the fact the you guys introduces new stuff before thinking of bank space, like you said the player owned farm came and now I myself have to buy more bank space then the barn's content was raised only for animals why not do it with all stuff pertaining to farming that at least will give us more space in our bank just like what you did with mining/smithing rework? hi, my membership don't expire till sept. 19, 2019, why is it I am no longer a vip?

13-Mar-2019 22:14:17

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River S0ng

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If this is going to be pushed back for the foreseeable future, can you please at least add more storage space for the barn? Maybe up the slot to 50? That seems more reasonable than the 30 you gave us since there are more animals than barn space and many of us like to keep at least one of each kind.
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14-Mar-2019 01:58:35

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