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Myth: That you (normies) can get through the gates in the basement of the west bank (in varrock)

Myth: Dropping your items doubles them.
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Amaterasu Mi
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Myth: J-Mods were too uncreative to give more interesting names to slayer dinosaurs
(Examples....Lacerasaurus for Ripper dinosaurs....Thagamarosurus or Anklegosaurus for Brutish dinosaurs)

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Myth- Is it possible to have random events entangle you after 20 seconds of not dismissing them, being released right away after dismissing. This will help stop bot/macroing of all types. Something pretty harmless, obviously not when pking but you get the idea. BTW my name is Tweenky :P

PS: Would be awesome if I could become a p mod bot hunter. Ive found many around the game and I feel like my reporting isnt doing much. Would make a cool position, get eyes everywhere.

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Based on the Tuesday April 2nd, 2019, session at The Thatcher Room, Portcullis House, in front of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, it was stated that, "We have hundreds of thousands of players playing every single day. The beauty of RuneScape is that you can dip in several times a day and play for maybe 10 minutes at a time. On average, our players play around two and a half hours a day, which is about the same time as watching television. It is their pastime and, as I said, that can be broken into one session or several sessions."

Some players have assumed that this means that at least 100,000 players (i.e. not all at one time obviously) log in to play RS3 every single day. Is this true or false?
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You want to get spicy?

I'm under the belief that Jagex can't develop games not named Runescape; not even their spinoffs. I was big into Transformers Universe (I've got screenshots with one of the Jmods in that game, in fact), Block n Load, Arcanists, and Steel Sentinels at one time or another, and they've all died for different reasons. Block n Load was never given any kind of support and Funorb, despite significant interest, never received any updates or news.

What happened?
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Great Minds
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Great Minds

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Are there, due to no bad luck mitigation/protection, so called "Lucky accounts" where those accounts roll the rare drop table a lot more frequently than others?

I'm asking cause I personally knew several people who seem to be getting drops a lot more often than others doing the same activities and KC.

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Assumption: All bankers and GE clerks are locked up in their booths and forced to work for eternity.

Myth: Dropping nitroglycerin has an AOE damage.

Myth: The gnome child is a god in disguise.

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Myth-To be a Forum or Player Moderator, You must be a Real Life family member or friend of a Jagex employee and be good at sharing cookies.
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