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New Poll – Voice Chat

Voice Chat - Your thoughts

We know that a lot of you use voice chat while playing RuneScape, and we’d like to find out more about how and why you use it. The latest poll focuses on what you love, as well as what you don’t when it comes to voice chat. Your answers will help us with our research into different chat options for the game, so make sure you get involved.
Voice chat gives you the opportunity to communicate with others using a microphone or headset rather than having to type when you’re online. There are a variety of voice chat programs that host servers and channels dedicated to different purposes whether organising tactics in games or chatting to your friends all over the world.
Do you use voice chat? Let us know. If you don’t use voice chat, make sure you use this opportunity to tell us that you don’t. Every voice counts, after all.
To vote in the latest poll, click here. If you’d like to comment on the poll or leave us some feedback, post here.

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Cheers for all the feedback everyone. Keep it coming and make sure to fill in the poll if you haven't already! :D

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