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Hi, recently when using the forums I’ve noticed that the domain address states

“ Not secure -”

Previously it’s been secure and had the little lock symbol, the login page is fine it’s just when you’re actually on the forums.

Was wondering if this was happening for anyone else / if it was a known issue?

10-Apr-2019 11:20:11



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Nothing really changed in RSOF. The forum never is and never was under TLS encryption.

It just so happens that browser vendors like Google and Mozilla implement a "not secure" label for all non-encrypted webpages starting last year, 2018 if I'm not mistaken.

Here in, only the login page where you enter your user credential is under TLS encryption. This has been the case since day 1.

Although that does not mean that we are all in trouble. It is just Jagex taking a long time to implement full TLS encryption for the whole domain.

10-Apr-2019 11:31:00

CM Nick

CM Nick

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Since this was a pretty cut and dry issue, and because this topic won't really offer anything new that's not been discussed about this before, I think this can be locked.

10-Apr-2019 19:39:41

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