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For Public Discussion

We have instituted a new set of forum rules, starting this week, for a trial period of one month. While this trial is ongoing we'll tweak the wordings and rules themselves as it runs but we do want to allow you to feedback on the changes we have made.

This thread is for public feedback and discussion - we have also created another thread for confidential feedback on the changes for those who prefer to contribute in that way :)
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19-May-2017 11:40:56

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I think that the rule change has gone very smoothly. Obviously there have been a couple issues, but that is to be expected with any change. I think the new rules give players much more freedom, and with that freedom inherently comes responsibility. Some tweaks may be needed to ensure that respect for other forumers is the number one focus, but I think that overall the change has had a positive impact.

Plus, I love all the YouTube links that have been shared!

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19-May-2017 12:25:11

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Nosword said:
so far the change has been good for me.

i do have a question tho regarding changes to forums. you guys have countless suggestions and ideas for forums that would significantly increase the usability of this place. you have acknowledged a lot of suggestions saying they would be great. some of which you even said you will do eventually, like youtube embedding. but it just isnt high enough priority or whatever for the team to have time to actually do any of it. however you have players who have made 3rd party extensions, in their free time, that already do a lot of the things people have been asking for. have you ever considered temporarily hiring someone to do all the forum work for you? or at least the smaller ease of access things?

i know eventually you want to do a complete overhaul, and maybe getting a temporary web developer to do that isnt an option. but for small things like youtube video embedding, custom avatars, notifications? and clickable links that could be more reasonable.

unfortunately i didnt take many web development and coding classes so idk how hard some these things would actually be. but i know a lot of people in this community can do it

While I understand you wanting to see improvements on those tech pieces but this thread is for feedback on the new rules - I'd like to keep it focused on that please.
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19-May-2017 13:54:45

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I like the new, liberal rules. However, I think they're a bit vague. It's like a minefield, everything can be looked at from different perspectives and considered either offensive or not, spam or not, relevant or not, reasonable or not. When you say you want to make the forums more liberal, are you saying you'd give more weight to the perspective that doesn't make something against the rules?

Here's what I think some things mean, correct me if I'm wrong, or if I missed something -

1.What constitutes spam?
I think: duplicate threads, making double/triple/more posts on a thread intentionally, derailing threads and going off-topic, hijacking threads, grave-bumping threads as mentioned before, misquoting people by quoting&editing to make it look like they said something different, or just posting something that doesn't contribute to the discussion.

But let's say for example a thread complaining about the frequency of 2 hour grind daily-cap events like the recent charity event, and some way through the discussion the op asks for quicker way to get the tokens, and someone responds to that... would that be considered off-topic/derailing just because it's not what the thread title says?

2. What constitutes a "dead" thread (a thread that, if replied to or bumped, would be considered grave-bumping) ?
I think: threads with no activity for more than a week, that ended up on like 4th or 5th page of forums (with exceptions), threads in recent updates which are 3-4 months old, threads where the discussion has gotten stale for more than a week (the same people going in circles using the same arguments repeatedly)
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19-May-2017 15:45:51

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anyway i might not reply, his account name was jagemployer he is a iron man he redirected me to some q & a or more like a formal request to become one of the player mods, i didnt realized that i was a fake, and answered honestly, after i answered it my account was hacked i tried to change my password, changed the authenticator but was too late, and lost my bank to it. please i know there is no way that i would be able to recover my lost items but please find a way to make him do down as well. if you require this account to trace or anything ill be gladly to give it to rs. thank you. please do help.

19-May-2017 16:19:20

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Hi Chocola_Luv,

Sorry to hear that you were hijacked. This thread is specifically for feedback on the current forum rules trial that's taking place.

You can email the account name over to Jagex at for them to investigate the account and take appropriate action.

In regards to your account, I'd strongly recommend scanning your PC for any malicious software and after doing so, update your account details (including your email address details/password too) to re-secure your account.

You can click here for information on hijacked accounts and provide advice on how to get it sorted out.

There's also the Account Help forum where you can make a thread to get further help and assistance should you want it :)

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