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Dong U Dead said:
@Mod Kalaya, my link question I don't believe has been answered or is in under the code of conduct:

2. Links I would like them labelled to what and where they will take me, what is the name of song & band, what is the article about or called, if it's a funny picture of a dog, cat or Alien - Can you add a clause that links need to have information added to them? I feel all links should have a title - not just the link on the page.


Huey Lewis And The News - Bad Is Bad <- indication of what this is about.

But not this: <- no indication of what this is about.

I believe titles are important.

Be a better idea to just implement YouTube embed in my opinion.

Thanks for the Q&A answers, very insightful.
Mötley Crüe

16-Jun-2017 18:51:46

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