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Always good to have more people pushing for forum improvements, despite expectiations being mostly, if not completely, dried up, and hopes not far behind.

Regarding your suggestions, I completely agree with the autolog. It's a useless annoyance masquerading as a security feature, ripe for removal.

More JMod activity on the forums would be nice and might encourage more players to use them too. However, it has to make business sense for the firm's employees to spend a significant amount of time on the platform. I'd say it's impossible for the forums to compete with social media with respect to advertising the game beyond its existing community, so I'd expect the bulk of JMod time to be dedicated there for the foreseeable future. However, the forums can Jagex look to improve their use as a means of communication with and between existing players. Many ideas have been proposed over the years - private messaging, hot topics, JMod post lists, saved threads, notifications etc. to name a few. By now I'm sure web JMods know very well what it is they need to do but are not being allocated the time to do it. Jagex has adopted a popularity-based approach to most of its decisions in recent years and Reddit is specifically constructed to cater to that simple purpose.

Mueez said:
My personal remedy to this is to just combine as many categories and subcategories as you can, and perhaps even remove some so players who, for example, wish to post on the OSRS forum section won't have to scroll down half-a-kilometer to find their community forums. :P

Here I must disagree with you :P While I sympathise with the annoyance of having to overscroll, I don't think the number of sections is the core issue there. Sections provide indispensable structure to the forums and how help home specific communities. A better approach would be improving the method of reaching the section you are looking for. See here.

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