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Nexus Origin said:
Mod Poerkie said:
It's not up to me to officially state which one, if one takes precedence. So it's very unlikely you will get an answer to your question.
Okay, so, who can officially answer the question of which one takes precedence?

Mod Poerkie said:
Both apply and you should adhere to both, that is the most important.
Oh. Well that's... confusing. How can I adhere to both? They have contradictory rules.

The Terms & Conditions states that user content:
must not include hyperlinks or connections to third party websites;

While the Code of Conduct states:
If you post links or images make sure they are safe for your fellow forumers.

How can both of those apply at the same time?

One of them must take precedence over the other.

posting a URL is not a hyperlink, as it isn't clickable

the rs forums don't support hyperlinks to websites outside of, and as such there is no contradiction
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14-Feb-2019 07:26:36

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