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I think a amazing way to help breath life into the forums again would have it so that if someone replys to your post or ur comment u get a notification inside your mailbox, right now all the mailbox is used for is if there is a billing completion or a error, or if jagex personally reachs out to you, so sadly its basically never ever used, I cant see a better way to help make the forums more active and user friendly then that, because I think we can all agree there is nothing worse then having to hunt down a old post to find out if someone commented on it, and if your a avid forum user and comment on many posts, then it becomes just about in possible to keep up with seeing if someone replied to you, with people also being able to easily reply this will also help with keeping a discussion going.

03-Mar-2019 22:48:49

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I support this and have suggested it here. Mod Lyon thinks it could happen in the future, as having it added to the forums is a 'no brainer'.
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04-Mar-2019 02:49:26

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