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Jordana V
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Jordana V

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I don't know, I'm used to how the forums are atm. It's inconvenient for me to have to open extra tabs just to go to my usual sections.

I do totally understand the thought process behind doing this but I don't think it will help. A new player will still click a tab and be introduced to 40 or so subsections.

The hot topics and latest JMod threads looks really good.

28-Jan-2017 20:47:33

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I love this!! Thank you for taking the time to photoshop mock-ups of your suggestion, it really helps to illustrate your idea, Calm :)

I like the idea of making it clear where the OSRS forums are. I know that Linkify already collapses forums by default, and saves which ones you like already collapsed. However, when I haven't logged in for a while, it's actually pretty annoying having to expand my home forums, so that when I Command+F "General" to easily navigate down to the General forums, the search function actually finds what I'm looking for.

As a result, that's my only suggestion: to have tic boxes, or even locally cached information (cookies) of what macrosections each login account likes to have open by default. It's annoying enough having to expand macrosections when I log into a different account, and it would be atrocious if I had to do that every single time I logged in.
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Calm Enigma

Calm Enigma

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@Tranquility - whether they're presented with many sections upon opening a macrosection really depends. The RS3 one has loads of sections, but the others would have far fewer.

Also, say you're an OSRS player. Currently, you'd have to scroll through all of the RS3 sections before finding the OSRS section of the forums. Not only that but it's not immediately obvious that RS3 sections are RS3 only, so you might mistakenly post in the wrong section.

If the forum homepage were grouped by macro section, you could immediately open up the OSRS one and be presented with all the sections related to OSRS immediately. The same logic particularly applies to players looking for the player support sections as well.

I agree opening macro sections continuously to get to your usual sections can be annoying. Vera's suggestions could deal with that inconvenience nicely though :)

@Vera - thanks for that idea, it would really help smoothen user experience :) I'll add it to the front page laterz

P.S. I'm a cheap nub so I used Paint rather than PhotoShop - was fiddly af :P

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Yea that looks great. I think the bigger macro sections help find things easier.

Would just prefer an option to keep the sections open like Vera said, clicking to open the sections every single login would be annoying in the long run.

30-Jan-2017 03:53:44

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This is a nice big step in the right direction of a long list of well overdue updates and changes to the forums. Whether or not they will get time to consider changes like this is another question ...
Don Mattywarrior
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09-Feb-2017 23:13:30

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