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Iíve heard that notifications in the companion app is possible, but I have never experienced it to work and canít find any settings Regarding it.

Is it possible ? If so, how ?
It`s not that easy, is it?

11-Nov-2017 16:23:15

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On iOS, the Companion should have settings in the "Settings" app (they might be in the "Notifications" sub-group in that app). Make sure you have this toggled on.

However, because of RS Mobile (which will have the functionality of everything in the Companion app), support for the Companion app was discontinued. If something happened that broke the notifications, it will not have been fixed and will not be fixed before RS Mobile is released.
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20-Nov-2017 08:52:58

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Just my thoughts on this -
the Companion app will be
with RS Mobile release pending confirmation, i wouldn't think push notifications feature will be worked on but if it's a 2 standalone app , i would want the push notifications feature for Companion be worked on.
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16-May-2018 06:27:21

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