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Suggestion: I think we should have the ability to see post text when we hover over the thread title like the function that a lot of other forums have. it saves time so someone can see if they're interested in participating in a discussion before they click on the thread link.

16-Mar-2018 04:11:32

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I like this idea - but considering how dated these forums are, and their lack of updates, it's most likely not going to happen... :(
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16-Mar-2018 04:27:02

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As in a bubble that includes up to x lines of text from the OP so users can see what they're getting into before clicking the link? Sounds nifty. Another alternative is to have the first one or two lines of the post fixed under the title so no hover is needed – though this may serve to clutter up the thread list unnecessarily.
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16-Mar-2018 12:10:38

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