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Mod Kalaya

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Hi all,

I'm creating this thread as an official feedback thread for your thoughts on the current state of the RuneScape forums - overall. Tools, moderation, engagement - anything you can think of! This thread will be open for one week, after which we will go through and review your feedback.

Please feel free to get into the details - if you don't like an aspect of the forums, tell us why, what you would change, and how that would make it better.

Please remember that this is for your constructive feedback - rants and insults will be ignored. Note that FMods will not be posting here except to moderate rule-breaking behaviour.

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04-Nov-2016 16:04:50

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The fact that leech / service threads exist in the Teamwork forum. If I want to purchase a leech, I'll gladly head over to a Service sub-forum instead. I would strongly recommend reading through the threads in this sub-forum regarding the many features and ideas these forum users have.

I might be asked to discuss these features here but if threads have over 10 pages of valuable discussion, what good is ignoring it and posting a new thread?

EDIT: I would also recommend creating a discussion on popular Social Media outlets or fansites such as Reddit regarding the forums and see what they may think is beneficial as well. It may not be a forum community, a strong portion of ex-forum users have migrated there.
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galian prist
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galian prist

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My thoughts:
My thoughts on moderation:
- Most moderators are pretty reasonable
- Keep it the way it is, fast, effective, and yes, with the unneeded mutes / thread deletions etc
- Make it easier and more reasonable to appeal those mutes / thread deletions etc

My thoughts on the forums themselves:

- A good platform for more sustainable conversations (contrary to reddit, twitter etc)
- The new picture integration is very nice
- Make it possible for us to "follow" a thread so we get a notification when it is updated. This could have some niche uses here and there.
- Be able to see if someone replied to you personally in a thread

Ideas from other people (and from who):
- From Maxi: Move leech threads to the "services" part of the forum
- From Werewolfy: Allow us to hide or favorite threads on your profile
- From Werewolfy: Make some sort of "inbox" where we can leave a message for someone
- From Werewolfy: Give f2p-players a forum avatar (possibly with restrictions)
- From Werewolfy: Give people moderation rights in their own threads

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A way to reply to comments in a comment chain would be nice so you're able to see who is talking to who easier instead of sifting through pages to find context

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chi pa pa
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chi pa pa

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Allow links.

Every other forum in existence allows links with a redirection warning. There is no "liability concern" or anything like that, that excuse is 100% bull.

More characters per post would be nice too.

I'm not even going to get into how bad the moderation is. I'm sure you'll be getting lots of feedback about that particular subject soon...
bugs should be fixed

04-Nov-2016 16:25:53

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