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I have 4 accounts total.
Each would love to have their free Items from Solomons store.

Issue: I can log into website on Account #1 and get the item.
I close Solomon's store and go to main page.
It shows No one is logged in, even though Account #1 didn't log out at all.

Ok, Log in on account #2.... go to Solomon's store. It says they already have the Item.
BUT it also says they have the Same number of Loyalty points left as Account #1. ????

BTW, Solomon's store does not show the account name it's looking at.

I close Solomon's. Again it says no one is logged into the website. Account #2 didn't sign out.

Same situation when I do website log in on Account #3. :/

the only way, it appears, that I can get that Free item on all the accounts is to Log into The GAME.... Then go to Solomon's through that.

Kind of aggravating when I am already deep in play on 1 of them at the time.

Can you fix this issue? So I can log into the Website link to Solomon's Properly for each, while I'm in game on 1.

01-Mar-2018 15:44:18

Uncle Pob

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I'm fairly confident this issue is related to browser cookies. Have you tried clearing the cookies and trying again? That's not an ideal solution, but it should solve the problem.

The RuneScape site's cookies are notoriously weird and/or broken: the problem you described isn't unique to Solomons but is a site-wide problem and is particularly problematic for RuneMetrics, though the forum will occasionally show you as logged-out when you only just logged in just because you used the back-button in the browser to get back to where you were before you logged in.

03-Mar-2018 21:46:45

Miles Prower
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Miles Prower

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The Solomon's General Store session used to be linked to the rest of the website, but something has changed recently so this is no longer the case. Hopefully it can be fixed. I'd recommend using a private session to access it for the time being (most major browsers support this). That way cookie data for other websites is unaffected and you don't have to worry about accessing any developer consoles to clear individual site cookies. Low on bank space? Click here.

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