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Louiellen said:
You're speaking out of ignorance, have you even imagined that Forum Help issues are not discussed in our internal forums?
Well yes, he should be ignorant of such goings on since you're not allowed to share the contents of said forum.

Louiellen said:
Bottom line, I have a say about Forum Help issues like any other forumer, and fmod as a nature of the role. All forumers can express their opinion about Forum Help, and I don't?
Sure you can have an opinion on it. I'm not sure how the opinion of forum help by someone who doesn't use forum help is important though.
Louiellen said:
Besides, Jagex allows fmods to take breaks - we communicate it to them. It just happens that when a favorite fmod takes a break, some people are making a hissy fit out of it.
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06-Jan-2019 01:41:41

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