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It's been broken since last week's update. At first avatars started to glitch (like mine). It wasn't long after that when the ability to set new avatars disappeared. I'd assume Jagex would be on the case by now, but as to which team has to look into it (web or game) I have no idea.

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22-Feb-2018 11:13:16

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From another thread...

Mod Lyon said:
So good news - the relevant team tried a very simple fix and it seems to have worked.

Updated pictures will have odd textures for some time, it is not a priority for us with mobile being the main focus. If there's any updates I'll try to remember to post in here for those who want to "fix" theirs :)

So, its "fixed" as in a picture taken ingame will now cause the picture on the forums to update, though the fix so they look correct may be a bit.

02-Mar-2018 12:49:03

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