Any chance that the forums....

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Miu said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Miu said:
Random Ware said:
Any chance that the forums will be revamped/overhauled into something better than what it currently is in the foreseeable future?

We all know that people have been asking for certain features for years but they're never added.

Personally I'd love to know when someone posts on my thread or quotes me and responds.

Is there a chance? Of course. There's also a chance of getting a champion scroll from a skeleton on your first kill. That doesn't mean it's going to happen, though.

Part of the revamp/overhaul already happened with the removal of the RSC forums. The forums are already better without the RSC forums. :D:D:D

By that logic, removing the entire forums would be a great improvement.

I do have to wonder why the removal of a rarely used section made the rest better?

If you could explain, that would be spiffing, if not, that also would be spiffing
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11-Aug-2018 22:29:55

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