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Username: Missary
The name you like to be called: Kim
Total Level: 1819
Combat Level: 112
Favourite Skills: Thieving and dungeoneering.
Favourite Minigames or D&D’*: Pest Control
How Important Are Group Activities to You (1 - 10): 10

Are you familiar with Clans and Citadels: Not so much. tried it few years ago.
Are you familiar with quartermaster xp boost and fealty: no. But i will always learn
Are you happy to keep chat super clean: yes
Are you sure?: yes
Do you have a clan rank you are aiming for: General or Admin
What is the name of our Clan Citadel Frost Dragon: karma
What are your current runescape goals: Getting to the elf city

Bonus Question:

If chicken was between 7 & purple in the alphabet, what colour would tuesday be? Blue?

26-Oct-2015 09:00:37

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