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(¸.•´ (¸.• .__.The F Word..__ •.¸)´• .¸)]

is a drama free, laid back Clan open for experienced & non experienced players. We are open to those who enjoy skilling,
to those who enjoy killing and to those who simply want to make new friends!

It is our goal to provide a relaxed and supportive clan for all of our clanmates so they may achieve their goals in a friendly and fun atmosphere. We want everyone to feel like they are family and that their voice matters, because it does!

With no total level or combat requirements, anyone can help us build something awesome from the ground up.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about the clan, feel free to join the clan chat as a guest and we will be there to help you out as much as we can!

~*Must be a member to join*~

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Here is guideline on how you can earn your rank and prove your loyalty.

Recruit to Corporal

- After capping at the clan Citadel for the first week (this means fully capping and collecting the maximum amount of recourses) you will be ranked up to 2 bananas.

Corporal to Sergeant

- Capping for the second week in a row and being socially active within the clan will result in 3 bananas.

Sergeant to Lieutenant

- Regular capping and recruiting at least one new person into the clan will result in your first bronze star. In addition, to earn your star, you will need to show your recruit the citadel and ensure they too learn how to cap. Show general interest in helping new recruits, get them socially comfortable within the clan.

Lieutenant to Captain

- Ensure you cap every week, are active, recruit an additional 2 or more people and teach them to cap and just generally show them the ropes (motivate new people to stay in the clan by engaging with them, do activities and be socially engaging etc) One and a half months clan loyalty at least.

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Captain to General

- By now you should have been a loyal member to the clan for at least 2 months, having capped every week, recruited 4 or more people and show them the ropes, run a clan event or activity, be very social, and just be generally show interest in the clan and its members.

General to Admin

- Privileges of this rank include being able to take out the avatar, one rule is do not log off with the avatar! Admins have greatly proven themselves to the clan by doing all of the above. They continue to cap every week at the citadel recruit new members, show them the ropes, and consistently take the avatar out on the home world (26) for the benefit of the whole clan. Admins must also have shown loyalty to the clan for at least 3 months.

Admin to Organiser and Coordinator

- Organisers and Coordinators are on the path to earning that key. They obviously cap every single week, take out the avatar all the time, run clan events and activities, socialize with all members, recruit and help all members and have shown loyalty to the clan for several months. Organisers and Coordinators will also assist the keys with keeping track of member progress within the clan and decision making.

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Coordinator to Overseer

- Overseer is currently the highest rank obtainable within The F Word. Deputy Owners and The Owner are those that founded the clan and only they carry the silver and gold keys. The bronze key is a symbol of true dedication to the clan having worked their way up for many months to achieve greatness not only for themselves, but for the clan as a whole. They are very much a part of all decision-making and a true clan leader among all leaders.

Clan Founded: 8th of October 2017

Clan Members: 200+

•°•Home world : 26

•°•Citadel Tier - 5

•°•Clan page:

•°• We have an offsite and Discord!

•°•No mandatory events.

•°•Capping at citadel is required and appreciated.

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The Clan Chat is the Most Important Thing in any Clan
It's where friends are made, Information can be found. It is the best entertainment in the game. It is a place of solitude and comfort when needed. Any great clan will have a great CC.

Hope to see you soon!!!

22-Sep-2018 22:09:12

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