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Im Rubic

Im Rubic

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1) Do you agree to follow all clan and Jagex rules?


2) Do you use teamspeak? If not, would you like to?


3) How did you find out about our clan and why do you want to join?

This person named Jfuzzy, spammed me till I did. And I said no. But then she pestered me more. And I said yes. ;) <-- this is a winky face :) <--- this is a smiley face

4) What is your total level and total experience?

2696 or 2791 if you count virtual <--- not xp
667,122,767 <--- not total level

5) What are your current goals in Runescape?

To become the very best there ever was. And be rank 1 in literally every hiscore.
Become a Jmod.
Help people out and have fun.
Future Updates and Lore.
Future Updates
Information Broker

21-Dec-2016 06:47:51

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