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Lady Nairu

Lady Nairu

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Ingame Name: Lady Nair*
Age (Not necessary): 27
Timezone (UTC +/-): -8:00 Pst
What do you think about RuneScape? It requires a lot of time investment, but the end game is entertaining. Plus, there is always something to do.

What is your total level? 2499
What is your combat level? 136
How much do you know about the game? If given in a percentile... i'd say, 90%? It's a big game. ;)

Do you have a goal in RuneScape? (If no, skip this question) (If yes, what goal?) 99 in all skills. Has been my goal since day one. =)

How did you find our clan (If you were referred by another player, please tell us who :) )? Forums.

Why did you choose us and not another clan? I took note of the delicate care taken to create this thread, I enjoy working with a community, as well as building a new family from the ground up.

What do you mainly do in RuneScape? Skill, skill, skill. I don't really do minigames, pvp, or bossing.

Would you like us to join in a voice enabled chatroom (Needed for official ranks)? (Yes/No) Probably not in the beginning, but when I get to know other clannies, I might be open to it.

Write a sentence yourself, agreeing to our rules, that you have read and that you agree to them. (You can be prosecuted if you do not read them.)

I do agree, as they are fairly consistent with my own views and ideas about how a clan is meant to be oriented. Mutual respect is key to any stable environment involving large groups of people. =)

01-Jun-2016 00:57:02

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