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Ingame Name: AeroGareth
Age (Not necessary):
Timezone (UTC +/-): 0

What do you think about RuneScape?
I've played it on and off for years, great nostalgic game even.

What is your total level? 2117

What is your combat level? 132

How much do you know about the game?
Not too much I'm afraid, I've not played for a couple of years.

Do you have a goal in RuneScape? (If no, skip this question) (If yes, what goal?) All the quests.

How did you find our clan (If you were referred by another player, please tell us who :) )?

Why did you choose us and not another clan?
I was looking for a small clan and yours had fewer posts than the rest

What do you mainly do in RuneScape.
When I'm not doing dailies / weeklies / monthlies I tend to grind a skill in the ambition of reclaiming my quest point cape.

Would you like us to join in a voice enabled chatroom (Needed for official ranks)? Yes

Write a sentence yourself, agreeing to our rules, that you have read and that you agree to them.I've read your rules and I'll do my best to not break them all. Oh an something about myself? I'm brave (apparently),

30-May-2016 22:30:43

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Your application was
Please pm one of our staff ingame once they're online to receive the clan invite.

For more information on the Voice enabled Chat, please contact me in 12hrs (from the last point of Edit of this post).

Welcome to Messe Noire mon amis! :)
I dunno what you expect from me.

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