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Ingame Name: Sc1z
Age: 24
Timezone (UTC +/-): CST-Texas
What do you think about RuneScape? Its a fun game been playing it for a little while now.

What is your total level? 2706/2917
What is your combat level? 138
How much do you know about the game? Fairly knowledgeable about the game.

Do you have a goal in RuneScape? Mainly trying to get all 120 capes as I work along this long, long road.

How did you find our clan? Browsing through the forums.

Why did you choose us and not another clan? I liked your rules and requirements, and you all seem genuinely nice.

What do you mainly do in RuneScape? Mainly gain xp and look at the scenery.

Would you like us to join in a voice enabled chatroom? Sure, why not.

Write a sentence yourself, agreeing to our rules, that you have read and that you agree to them.

I Sc1z hereby swear and agree to your rules and requirements, and do not wish to do them any injustice for as long as I'm alive.

04-Jun-2016 02:53:45

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