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Username: Demmonsrj

Preferred Name: Ryan

Do you agree to follow all clan rules and Jagex rules?: Yes

Did someone refer you to us? If so who: Forestis via forums

If no one referred you, how did you find out about us?: N/A

What timezone are you in?: Eastern Standard Time

Which country are you from?: United States

Total Level: 2693

What activities do you enjoy doing the most (skilling/bossing/questing)?: I do a little of everything, I don't have any preferences

Do you see yourself interested in clan leadership? If so, in which job?: I'll do any job if it is assigned to me to the best of my abilities

What type of clan events would you enjoy going to?: Any, socializing is always fun

Do you have any goals you’re working on? If so, what are they?: Completionist Cape

s there anything else you want us to know about you?: Nothing to really say, I always assist when I can and I'm usually around for people when they need me.

26-May-2019 17:11:39

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