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We are a clan of fun-loving, mature (sometimes), funny, friendly individuals, who have all come together in a family-like clan. Here, we create and hold long term friendships, that will outlive the clan itself! We train, slay, skill, PvM and chat together whenever possible; Building strong bonds that make this a great clan! We have many events for every type of player including, weekly penguin hunting, PvM training, Spotlight Minigames, Portables and many more. Anyone in the clan can (and is encouraged to) host any event they would like. We use a clan discord server that isn't required but highly recommended to get the best experience out of being part of the clan.


» New Friends.
» Skilling and PvM Events. (Including Teaching PvM on All Levels)
» Tier 7 Completely Maxed Citadel.
» A Growing Well Organized Clan.
» Tons of Experience and Expertise.
» A Clan That is There For You.
»A Fun Laid Back Environment
»Offsite Discord Server With Music, Text / Voice Chat, and Many Other Helpful Features.


*Level 70 Combat or 1200 Skill Total
*Runescape Membership

*18+ Highly Preferred

Interested? Feel free to PM ANY high rank listed in this forum post, guest in our CC, & our Discord Server! Hope to meet you soon! :)

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1. Chat will be very laid back almost anything is ok, however if a high rank member asks you to change the subject, then do it no questions asked. Respect what leadership tells you, there is always a reason.

2. Luring or scamming clan members - or any attempts thereof - will result in you instantly being banned.

3. Do no start or promote arguments or be overly immature (To the point of being annoying... no one likes that guy)

4. Do not beg for money.

5. Do not ask for ranks.

6. When capping do not steal resources (explained further below)

7. Greet guests when you see them join CC.


Our Citadel is maxed capping is not required but is rewarded in both the xp you gain and points to rank up within the clan.

Our Build tick is 23:40 Game Time Thursday.

Confirming your cap with a screenshot on discord or with an admin+ will gain you 1 point towards your rank each week that you cap.

If goals for upkeep are not met, gathering something we need while not required is greatly appreciated.

You can cap on whatever you would like the only rule is DO NOT STEAL RESOURCES.. this only applies to making bars. If you chose to do this please gather your own charcoal and ore before you make your bars, or team up with 2 other people for full cap. (Teaming up example one person gathers 2700 ore, another person gathers 2700 charcoal, and a third person makes 2700 bars) Remember each bar you make requires 1 ore and 1 charcoal.

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Ranking / Points System:

Recruit: 0-2 Points
Corporal: 3-5 Points
Sergent: 6-14 Points
Lieutenant: 15-24 Points
Captain: 25-49 Points
General: 50-99 Points
Admin: 100+ Points

How To Earn Points:

Hosting Large Events: 2 Points
Hosting Small Events: .5 Points (half of a point per event)
Attending Large Events: 1 Point
Attending Small Events .25 (a Quarter of a point per event)
Confirmed Capping: 1 Point Per Week
Recruiting: 1 Point Per Recruit

Large Events:
Any Event that Lasts 1 hr or more AND has at least 5 people attending
Small Event:
Any Event that Lasts Less than 1 hr OR has less than 5 people attending
(PvM Duos or Trios are not considered Events unless they are for the purpose of Teaching)


Once you gain the rank of Admin you are automatically part of the cabinet and gain access to our cabinet chat on discord. These are high ranking members who will help run the clan in many different ways from holding avatars to hosting events. Their opinions are highly regarded in any clan impacting decisions.
Current Cabinetl


Psyche Delic


RSC Mason
Jet x


SD Venacava
SD Stealthy
Legitly Nick
Danza Muerte
boss hmmm


These are the Key Ranks in the Clan, Responsible for any and all Clan Operation.

Current Leaders

Cds777 - Owner
PowerofPeace - Deputy Owner
Thulthar - Overseer
Itz A Four - Overseer
Mr Player - Overseer
Quiggs - Overseer

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1. Runescape Name:
2. Current Combat Level/Skill Total:
3. How Knowledgeable would you consider yourself over all in game? (scale 1-10):
4. Have you read and understood this thread?:
5. Tell us a bit about yourself... if you want to:

After posting this application, please pm any council/leader listed above or guest in cc and ask for an invite. We can't wait to welcome you into our crew :)

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Serenity, Divinity, Zucchinity!

About us:

24/7 based clan
W82 as home world
Respectful and loyal friends
We have all kinds of Skillers and PvMers
We're a large family looking forward to welcoming you

What we offer:

3 Avatars
A tier 7 Citadel
A friendly environment
A clan discord server to voice chat
PvM, Skilling, Social and minigames events
Skilling and PvM competitions throughout every month
A fair ranking system solely based on your activity within the clan

Get in touch:

Contact our leaders
Visit our clan
Home Page

Feel free to guest in our clan chat
Do not hesitate to send me a private message
Please, visit our
Recruitment Thread
for further information

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Current Clan Bank

115 portable crafters
12 portable sawmills
130 portable ranges
100 portable fletchers
112 portable wells
88 portable braziers
105 portable forges

Anyone ranked Corporal + can donate gp or portables to clan bank at anytime do not donate to anyone but me (i will never ask you to donate this is volunteer only) clan bank funds prizes, portables and other clan events.

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