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Welcome to the 4gp clan page!

We're a friendly, helpful and a 24/7 active clan. We have people all over the world.
Our main focus is to simply have fun and ENJOY the game together.

* Our clan consists of over 300 members*
*you must have membership in order to join*

: We do a lot of events including boss masses, dungeoneering, Elite runs, Hide and Seeks, Drop parties, Wildy Wyrm hunts and more.
Any member is free to host these events. Ask any admin for help planning one, it helps clan spirit!

: We have an organized discord channel which we use for many things like Announcements, meetings, suggestions, events, memes, pictures of cats and just basic chats!

: Our home world is 88. It is encouraged to use it but not mandatory. We also are almost T7 for citadel. Capping is also not mandatory but encouraged! (we usually have tons of regular cappers everyweek)

Guests are more than welcome to join our discord channel and you can join us through this link :
You can also ADD me or one of our key ranks to inquire about the clan!
We’re on [qfc id=][/qfc]

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Thread teleported to the recruitment forum that seems the best fit, based on your description of the clan.

(The Clan Home Forum is not used for recruiting. It is for discussion or planning threads, should a clan feel the need to have one separate from their recruitment thread or the private clan forums attached to their RS Clan Page.)

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