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I agree with Mordreath on page 1 of this thread.
As I see it the purpose of playing Runescape is to be able to do the quests. With that purpose in mind you do all the skilling, gradually build your character and your equipment over the years, and gradually work your way through to the quest cape.
For this reason I don't like sources of undeserved xp, money or equipment in the game. I also in principle think that all, even high-level, equipment should be producible in the game, using skills and materials. I accept that the xp/level curve could be slightly less punishing but at the moment Runescape is far too easy, especially afk-training like Runespan.
On balance I would like to see something close to Classic but with modern graphics and the full contingent of quests.
EDIT: With regard to SoF (which I would obviously like to see go altogether - has no connection with the game - stupid idea) I find it offensive that when f2p kids spin the wheel and win a good prize, instead of getting the prize they receive an ad for subscribing. That is real gutter-marketing if I ever saw it. The f2p prizes should be geared to f2p circumstances - you don't give kids booby-prizes like that. Despicable!
Also, in f2p, why has the 'play again' option been removed? That is just petty.

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