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NIS Alpha Live

The alpha version of our New Interface System (NIS) is now available to Gold and Silver Premier Club members, as well as a newly selected group of members who registered their interest in the RuneScape Beta Programme.

If you have access, you're ready to start trying out the customisation features and other improvements that the new interface system brings. First off, though, we'd suggest watching our bonus Behind The Scenes walkthrough video, filled with tips from Mod ThatJim on how to get started:

After that, log in by clicking here, then clicking the 'go to beta' button and logging in with your usual details. Please note: if you're eligible for the just the alpha, you'll be taken there automatically. If you're eligible for both the NIS Alpha and the HTML5 Beta, though, you'll be given a choice of which to log into.

You'll be given a choice of presets so you can start with something that you're used to, and from there you'll be free to tweak, reorganise and experiment to your heart's content.

You'll also notice some tweaks to the camera system. The angle from which your character can be viewed is slightly lower than in the live game, and you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel for a much closer view than before. Play around with this and let us know what you think.

For now, the alpha is running on the Java client on dedicated servers with a separate game save to the live game. Your existing game save will be imported the first time you log into the alpha.

As we're at alpha stage, there will be glitches, performance issues and bugs. Please report these via the in-game bug reporting system, as it'll be a huge help in our ongoing development and testing.

What's most important to us, though, is your feedback. We're really pleased with how the new interface system is shaping up, but there are as many ways to play RuneScape as there are players. Try to find the best way to customise the interface for your play style, and experiment with different setups for different parts of the game. If there's something you want to do but can't, or if there's something could be made easier, let us know on the NIS Feedback & Discussion forums, which we've set up for those with access to the alpha. Using your feedback, we are building a new interface system that'll let you play your way.

As with the HTML5 Client Beta, we'll be expanding the group of selected members over the course of the alpha, so don't worry if you didn't get in right away - we'll let you know if you're chosen. Later, we'll also be making the New Interface System available for all members to try before its full release.

Any questions? Take a look at our FAQ or our wiki page.


The RuneScape Team

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What is an alpha, and how is it different from a beta?

Typically, an alpha is a functionally complete build with placeholder graphics that misses non-core features and some content. This is essentially what we’re providing the interface system alpha: it works, but there's still content to be added.

Why did you decide to release it as an alpha?

The new interface system is a big change to RuneScape, and it offers you more freedom to change the way you interact the game than ever before. With that in mind, we want to gather your feedback as early as possible, so we can shape it into a system that does what you want it to do effectively and efficiently. This update is all about usability and customisation to fit your play style, so it's important that you're involved early on.

What does and doesn't work?

The core mechanics of the new system are in place, but they may not interact correctly with all content. For example, you’ll be able to fully customise your interfaces, but there may be some quests or minigames where the interface system isn’t completely compatible yet, making the content difficult or impossible to complete. When you encounter such issues, please do let us know.

Does this alpha work in the live game, like the HTML5 beta does?

No. It takes place in a separate testing environment into which you can import your live RuneScape character, in the same way that the Evolution of Combat beta worked last year. This means that any game progress in the alpha won't carry over to your live character, but it also allows you to experiment with different setups without worrying that you'll lose your valuable items.

I got into the HTML5 client beta, but I can't log into the interface system alpha. Why's that?

We selected a separate group of those who registered their interest for the alpha. We made these choices based on our needs for the alpha test, and being selected for the HTML5 client beta doesn't necessarily mean you were chosen for the interface system alpha as well.

As with the HTML5 client beta, though, we'll be expanding our group of participants as testing goes on, and we'll be making the New Interface System available for all members to try out before release.

Will the new interface system go into beta before release?

Yes. Once we’ve made the new system interact with all the key game content and been able to implement your feedback, it will go into beta. We can't say exactly when that will be or who will have access just yet. All members, will have the chance to try the new interface system before full release, though.

Will I be able to try the New Interface System in the HTML5 client?

Yes. We'll be making this available when we can.

Will I ever be able to gain XP on the New Interface System Alpha?

We’re looking into this at the moment. Some time soon, we’d like to add something in to reward players who take the time to participate in the alpha.

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Hi everyone - fantastic feedback so far.

A frequent comment I've seen is that players want to be able to see all of their chat streams in one window, rather than change between the global, friends, private and clan windows. Luckily this is already possible, if a bit hidden. You can use the filters on any chat window to turn on all of the various chat streams in a single place.

Also, I've noticed some players not being able to find the quick prayer and familiar buttons are now on the side of the combat panel. We'll try to make them more obvious, but for the moment you can find them by looking for the gold coloured symbols at the far end of the combat bar.

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WOAH! I Hope i get in! I assume you will be emailing the lucky ones? Thanks for this update, and for putting it into alpha+beta rather than a one update thing. Can you put the monsters HP-either percent or actual count- above the ability bar with your hp and all that?

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