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King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Moon Sky said:
The problem i've seen with 120 skills for many people is that not everybody has all the time they need to get massive amounts of exp daily and 105m exp is alot for those people and unlike prestige 120 skills is not a choice its a must.... if you decide to stop at 99 you will be left behind on many things and will be in disadvantage

120 attack is a big boost in accuracy compared to 99 attack to name one

This exactlly, at the present time there are less than 50 people who even have the remotest prayer of having 120 in all skills within any reasonable time frame (likely at all considering RS is already 14 years old).

Anybody who is not in the top 50 voting for 120 all skills is basically voting to be permanently and irrevocably outclassed and forever giving up their chances of being able to access all content in the game. (a possibility of which is why a lot of people currently play which would be destroyed if all skills went to 120)

as mentioned by quoted poster, 120 all skills is a PRACTICAL advantage rather than a vanity thing, and thus it becomes necessary to be endgame unlike prestige would have been. (ie. 120 attack is a HUGE advantage over 99 attack) In short it effectively becomes impossible for anyone who isn't a 16 hour per day guy to become endgame.

As one of the biggest criticisms of Runescape is it's grindyness I would be very careful before advocating 120 skills. Not only are you advocating your permanent removal from the endgame, but also are discouraging new players from ever having the chance of attaining the billions of xp that would be neccesary to do anything in game.

120 skills would actually do quite the opposite of revitalizing Runescape.

23-Oct-2013 16:22:39

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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For all above reasons and in total agreement with Sea Pulse, I adamantly oppose 120 all skills.

As an alternative I would like to offer the possibility of milestone xp capes that update to a new look every major milestone.

99 in a stat = normal skill cape

25m = new cape add on
50m = new cape add on
105m = new cape add on
200m = fully decked out skillcape

this would allow max xp crazies to get their prestige in an exclusive manner while not making the endgame largely unattainable.

23-Oct-2013 16:27:21

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Longeyes1 said:
Please, god no, not 120 caps on skills.

I love how all the people who want 120 skills think they are actually going to achieve that goal. You do realize that only about 15 people in the game are even close to this, and only 50 people in game stand a reasonable chance of achieving all 120's in the near future (likely the rest of the game's existence honestly as it's already 14 years old)

If you vote for 120's not only are you voting to make the game more grindy than it already is (arguably the most grindy game in the world, and this is among it's biggest criticisms by gamers outside of it), you are also voting to be permanently rendered irrelevant to the endgame as 99.9999999% of the people advocating it, whether they realize it or not will never get it.

You are voting to have content in game be forever inaccessible to you and to be forever irrelevant as an endgame character, as only 16 hour + a day guys will ever truly "max".

Not only does this defeat the purpose of striving to be endgame for all but the most excessive no-lifers (as 120 skills would be a MUST instead of a CHOICE, if you want to at all remain relevant - note prestige was NOT a necessity as it was vanity only; but 120 attack is a HUGE advantage over 99 attack...etc) but it also greatly dissuades new players... imagine just entering the game and.... oh yeah you need 700 DAYS of actual playtime at the very least to be even remotely comparable to the endgame players.... yeah that'll keep em coming..... long story short not only will it ruin alot of active players but will effectively end whatever influx of new players RS may still get.

120 skills are among the worst things that could happen to this game.

A better alternative would be xp milestone capes at 25m, 50m, 105m, and 200m in each skill.

this would allow the max xp crazies and single skill specialists to get their exclusivity without ruining the ability to access all content.

23-Oct-2013 19:49:29

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Kacheek said:
Please never make skills go up to level 120 besides Dungeoneering.

~Make an ongoing seasonal hiscore for XP challenges that doesn't allow the same person to win twice (within a time period)

~Let us redo quests for other rewards or alternate endings (where appropriate)

~Make prestige 2nd to the regular hi-scores and make all 'rewards' available after prestiging once (basically everyone asked for this)

This exactly. Making all skills 120 is an abysmally dumb idea. Read my previous posts in this thread for more details on why. But just to share a few key points; one of the beauties of RS is that players can enjoy all the content after putting in alot of hard work. Right now after 14 years of the games existence ~15 of us are close to having what it takes for 120 all stats and only ~50 of us are even remotely close to the xp total that would be required. If you are not among this number than you are essentially voting to be permanently outclassed and unable to access all content within the reasonable remaining lifespan of the game.

Having to be a 16 hour per day guy just to remain relevant is not something I think all of these 120 supporters have put alot of thought into. Yes you claim you may want to do it, but based on what people have achieved in 14 years of play I can safely say 99.9999% of the 120 advocates here will never achieve what they are advocating.

Don't vote to be an irrelevant player. You will hate it once you realize exact what you will have set yourself up for.

Plus the implications with new players not wanting to spend 700 days of solid playtime at the very least to achieve even a remote state of endgame were all 120 skills implemented.

There are a lot of problems with it you aren't thinking about and thats only a few of the ones I mentioned earlier.

You see unlike prestige 120's will be REQUIRED to remain relevant. Never implement these.

24-Oct-2013 01:36:16

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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I think a much better alternative to destorying everyones prospects to experience all the content RS has to offer is to add xp milestone capes:

at 25m, 50m, 105m, and 200m respectively. This will allow the xp crazies and single skill specialists to get their exclusivity and reward for their accomplishment while not forever making content in the game inaccessible to everyone else.

24-Oct-2013 01:39:18

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Kacheek said:
King Bibbler said:
Valentins said:
Rexcerant said:
King Bibbler said:
Ferenc2017 said:
Lux Obscura said:
Please no 120's.

Unlike prestige, making 120 the cap for skills IS actually forced on us if we want to keep our mastery of that skill. That would be even worse than Prestige.

Do not implement 120's.

I found that a lot of the people asking for this either are below 2000 total (they don't know/care what they're really asking for) or have 100m xp in a few skills already, which would allow them to jump right to the end instantly.

Yes I have found this to be the case too. I think people in the near-max, max category will find the idea of 120's to be quite disgusting. As I mentioned in the previous posts, anyone outside of the top 50 is basically voting for some content to be inaccessible to them forever.

people with sub 2000 total especially have no grounds for asking for 120 skills. Even people with 100m's... still don't have them in all and STILL wont be able to access alot of content.

24-Oct-2013 02:11:23

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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My point still stands skyman. Comping and maxing would be nothing at all compared to 120 all skills, you, I, and anyone outside of well beyond 2b xp doesn't stand a chance of getting 120 all within the reasonably expectable lifespan of the game considering how far we have all gotten in how long we have already been playing the game.

Even if there is no specific content to be made unavailible from 100-120 in skills whose xp rates were designed never to go beyond 99, you are still BETTER at the skill at 120 then you would be at 99. The best example to use for this would be attack. 120 attack would make a far superior fighter than 99 attack. Refer to my previous posts about how this ruins the game for all but over 2b and 16 hour per day guys who want to remain relevant without sacrificing their souls at the altar of Runescape for 24/7 gameplay.

For more details on why this point stands refer to my older posts (two or three posts ago I think?)

That said I support 200m capes as that is a VANITY thing and not a PRACTICAL thing. I strongly advise that whatever they do be more of a vanity thing and not have any tangible in-game advantage over 99's. This will keep anyone who isn't a top 50 player (which is almost everyone) their ability to still able to experience all game content while giving the high xp players and specialists their prestige.

I want to experience all runescape has to offer and I think this is a common sentiment among the high level playerbase at large. So what I think would be a good solution is something cosmetic to show off your xp beyond 99, but 120's is not the solution.

24-Oct-2013 04:30:43 - Last edited on 24-Oct-2013 04:33:11 by King Bibbler

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Skyman said:
@ Battle Beef

Even when skill capes came out, there were 2 groups of people; those who already had 99 and instantly got the reward, or those that thought 99's were impossible. Today, 200m's or lvl 120's may seem impossible to most people...but they are much quicker and easier to get. They'll only get easier to achieve.

I have 5 lvl 126's myself, and I wouldn't mind seeing all lvl 120's, even if I know I won't be playing that long. At least it'd be something to strive for...more than the pointless new skills that come out, or minigames that nobody plays. With 120's, Jagex can create more content, rather than content that just makes the skill faster (runespan/warbands).

In addition, at least it'd prevent so many people from achieving the new comp, and with that, there'd be more uniqueness with stats.

You bring up some interesting points, but even with all your xp you admit you won't have access to all the content and capability and write this off by saying you like it anyway because it allows people to specialize and have uniqueness in statistics.

This would be good... except... alot of people play Runescape to do everything, not to specialize like is the case in almost every other mainstream RPG. Not having access to all the content in game is not something I am interested in or the player base at large is interested in.

Point is, maxing being achieveable is an important point of interest for most players. With 120 skills this simply isn't the case. Even though xp rates have gotten faster, they are nowhere near making 120's in all skills the new 99. They are so far beyond that it is not even funny. Especially when you will all your crazy xp totals are even admitting to the possiblity of not achieving it (which is very realistic and intelligent of you by the way)

In short I respect your opinion but for above points and in the interest of the RS feel of not having to specialize I disagree with it.

24-Oct-2013 06:29:12

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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200m milestone capes =) but please leave the current PRACTICAL cap alone.

Although I am for leaving the practical cap alone I also think it important to leave xp rates as they stand. DO NOT increase them any further. Add more methods and more variability but keep aproximate rates for new methods roughly the same.

This will allow an ACHIEVEABLE practical cap while still allowing it to maintain a strong degree of integrity.

Too long: No 120's, vanity items for high xpers, keep xp rates constant over the next few years with more variable ways to train.

24-Oct-2013 06:30:44 - Last edited on 24-Oct-2013 06:34:08 by King Bibbler

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Zogly said:
Thank you.
In my opinion, 100's of hours for the first 99 is enough.
It wasn't a bad idea, but I didn't see myself using it.

Which is also the same reason 120's should NEVER be implemented in game. In fact they are an even worse idea than prestige was. 120's are MANDATORY to remain relevant as an endgame character, prestige would not have been.

In 14 years only 15 players are very close, and only 50 remotely close to achieving what would be 120 in all skills. If you vote for 120's you vote to make some content in game permanently inaccessible to you unless you are a top 50 player.

Read my previous posts for more details but long story short; the whole beauty of not having to specialize and have limitations on your character and what you can do in Runescape.... out the window if 120's came in. Plus all the people I have seen vote for 120's so far whether they believe it or not do not have near the xp that would be required and if it took them this long to get where they are they cannot reasonibly expect to get all 120's in the expectable remaining lifespan of the game.

Vote for 120's and you vote to be forever outclassed, outskilled, and unable to access the content that runescape has to offer. Which is not exactly an ideal as one of the main things that keeps runescape exciting is that it's end is achievable. And if you are a top 50 guy... sorry you are the minority.

If you aren't a top 50 guy then I cannot understand why the frick you would want 120's.

Don't vote for 120's. Remain relevant. See everything RS has to offer.

25-Oct-2013 02:10:01

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Braveshado, I disagree with your opinion on why 120 skill are a good thing and here is why...

You say you don't like that alot of people are now 90+ in all skills because it has no pride, no envy, and doesn't make you better than anyone else. And then call anyone who opposes the cap raise to 120 "stuck up", I think you're comment about envy and the likes is significantly more stuck up than a simple idea to want to experience everything a game has to offer. So lets get that out of the way for starters.

As time passes naturally players are going to progress farther in a game. It's been around for 14 freaking years which is very far beyond the lifespan of most games. And I think people (which as you put it earlier are a lot of people) who have spent a significant portion of that time with the game simply to be able to experience everything the game has to offer deserve the right to experience that content without being outdone irreparably in every aspect by people with infinite time on their hands as well as only being able to access inferior content to what is out there. Vets deserve more than that, only to be crapped on in favor of the 50 or so people who have sold their souls to runescape who will be the only ones to access all content.

I don't despise the idea of 120 in all skills because I am a "stuck up perfectionist wanting to complete the game to feel good about myself", I have a real life that makes me feel good about myself thank you very much.

I despise the idea of 120 skills because it ruins the very reason why I and many other players play runescape versus other debatably superior RPG's.... you don't have to specialize, and this is exactly what 120's would force you to do. The game needs an endpoint, and within the reasonable lifespan of the game(barring the top 50) that makes the game have no endpoint and thus specialization

It's not something the game needs and would be detrimental to why alot play it. I too am not a spring chicken to RS my friend;

25-Oct-2013 05:01:36

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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Rs was fine without 120's for years, and it can easily continue to do so. I am NOT opposed to NEW 120 skills being released in the future that

WERE designed to go to 120.... like dungeoneering.

However, I am oppose to skills that were ONLY designed to go to 99 suddenly having a cap lift to 120.

The future is in width, not volume... more of the same cannot stand up to truly new content. Grindyness is already runescape's weakness and why it is so adverse to new players. I'm not saying it should be made easier, but that much xp in a skill only designed to go to 99 is absurd.

Once again: NEW 120 skills, not OLD 99 skills lifted to 120. For 99 skills, add 200m capes.... there is your envy for you while not ruining the game for everyone else.

25-Oct-2013 05:05:25

King Bibbler

King Bibbler

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VeryPanic said:
I thought that prestige was a good idea, but with the majority disliking it, I think it would have been a better idea to make rewards for higher xp without having to reset the level, but keep that option available if people want to do it (being able to revert it of course)

I say keep the level cap at 99 but provide additional capes or whatever at an xp milestone rather than level, 99 has always been the max so I think it should stay that way (besides dungeoneering)

But I guess that's just my opinion, take it or leave it.

This, except please don't leave it =)

25-Oct-2013 14:44:58 - Last edited on 25-Oct-2013 14:45:17 by King Bibbler

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