A letter to the RS community

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Excalibur IV
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Excalibur IV

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Thank you Mod MMG,

For all the memories you've brought me the past years
I think you, and many others at Jagex are doing a great job
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11-Sep-2014 17:58:23

H Rassy
Feb Member 2019

H Rassy

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Thx for all the work you put into runescape.
In the few times we talked, ages ago now, I got to know you as a realy awesome person.
Best wishes and luck for the rest of your life and career!

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Hello Mark.

Even though I never got to meet you in real life (it was a dream of mine to meet you) I've always thought you are 1 of the best guys at Jagex.

Thank you for all the years you have been here for us. Even before you were CEO. We will never forget the great work you did for RuneScape and Jagex.

1 last request and hate putting it here. Please revive FunOrb before you go.

I really wish you my very best for the future and please drop by and keep in touch.

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11-Sep-2014 17:58:56

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Thank you Mark (and the jagex team ofcourse) for all their hard work. Wish you best in your future endeavours
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11-Sep-2014 17:59:37

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I'm kind of shaking. I can't believe you're leaving. You will always be a part of RuneScape and your work here will continue to reap benefits.

Thank you!
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11-Sep-2014 17:59:55

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