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Giru56 said:
LSDylan said:
Giru56 said:
Mod Jd said:
Deamonheinz said:
Please keep your work related to improve RuneScape. It's not the first of april today.

Sad to see Jagex doing this :-(

Thanks for your thoughts. It's important to emphasise that Block * Load is a completely separate studio to RuneScape, and this particular event has taken up no development time our end.

If I'm not mistaken, this game was worked on by Jagex? If Runescape is made by Jagex, to say it's completely separate would not entirely be the case then. Resources that could have went to Runescape has instead went to Block * Load.

If this is the case, please use resources to improve Runescape, not some game that has nothing to do with Runescape.

-Giru56, member for 9 years.

Lol... as if other game companies only do one thing... Really? They have separate teams working on separate games.

Yep, I know they do. These teams have worked on games such as Transformers Universe... which is now gone. Remember Mechscape? Stellar Dawn? Scrapped. They do have FunOrb, but do you know anyone who still plays this game which has not been updated for years? All I see is resources wasted on these games that could have gone to the one that I pay for. I don't know about you, but I think they should stay with what they're good at; Runescape.

Are you joking? Lol.
"All I see is resources wasted on these games that could have gone to the one that I pay for."
That's kind of selfish of you!
Realize just because you don't play it doesn't mean other people don't enjoy the game.

Jagex is a gaming company, not a runescape company.
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