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The TomBomb said:
Tweety Bird said:
Werewolf said:
Heatley said:
Tweety Bird said:
Mod William said:

Mahjarrat Rejuvenation aura, which grants you powerful combat benefits each day;

Awwh what about us skillers?:(

You've decided to handicap yourself. Gf.

i disagree, not everyone that plays runescape wants to kill everything some just like lvling the skills

Kinda expected that comment somewhere along the line from some elitist snob. lol

Jagex themselves have said that. If you choose to limit yourself that's your own fault, that's exactly what they said. If you're just a skiller, just a pvmer, just a pvper, just a pure, ironman, etc you will be limited on your options. If jagex themselves say this, you should probably think next time.

Elitist snob?... That's not offensive or anything...

Looking forward to joining the premier club.
As old school as a player can be.

17-Nov-2015 22:17:56

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