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i couldn't find a good forum for this so i hope you guys do not mind... i have not played RS for a few years now. i do not have a exact number tho it has been some time. i just recently bought and built a new pc and figured why not see whats changed to only find out that the account i started back in high school has been banned permanently.. as i have read the links and all lead to a hey your ****** shoulda woulda coulda answer is there anyway i can reach someone or something to get back this account i spent hours on in from my prospective now.. wasted lol

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The Ahri
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The Ahri

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"Where the prize involves travelling, the winner (and companions if applicable) may be required to hold a valid passport and/or other necessary travel documentation and visas. Where travel is involved Jagex will communicate with the winner(s) of a competition (or their parent or guardian if they are under 18) to decide a mutually acceptable date of travel, however the final decision will rest with Jagex." This was written in the terms and conditions.

Does this mean airfare is included?

If I can't travel it would be nice to have that free membership. :P

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Jagex is trying to outsource a poster design that's "stylistic and professional designs that can be printed at large scale."

Isn't a reward of 6 months of membership too meager? I'm an amateur artist and a supporter of professional artists and designers, and undervaluing artistic products is a rookie mistake. The artist doesn't even get a chance to promote him or herself by including their logo on the poster, unless you encourage it.

Even if the artist really happened to care about Runescape and would do it for free, ethically speaking the top prize is still demeaning.

Sure, a night at a swanky London hotel is payed for, but travel isn't paid for, and the top winners of the sweepstakes and the 30 second video competition also receive a free night at a swanky London hotel.

Do you think you could revise the reward to include a lifetime's worth of membership? You can include a stipulation that if there are no "winners," the Jagex design team will simply design their own poster*

Improve rewards of official poster contest so that they match poster design expectations
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Regrette Hex

Regrette Hex

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This is lovely, but if all expenses are not paid, and it's just one night in the hotel, I think many of us are (for financial reasons) excluded from being able to really enjoy the prize...
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