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Poor Level 3

Poor Level 3

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Glad I could finally join classic, not sure I'll be playing it too much because I'm attached to old school.
Poor Level 3
OSRS Player for 5 years, 5 months, and 28 days (As of October 16th, 2016)

Feel free to message me in game for help or just to chat!

12-Feb-2016 21:06:06

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So it's over? I missed it? That 12:00 UTC deadline was strict, eh? 26 minutes ago it ended? It's too bad it couldn't have been 11:59 PM UTC. RastaJedi
Three Blunts Deep clan owner

11-Mar-2016 12:27:14



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Can someone please tell me if i can still join? I didn't even know about but I randomly saw a youtube video of people saying classic is open. But now i just saw the date was until March and it's July now. I only came back to play classic. I'm willing to buy the membership just to play classic if possible. Can any MODS or anyone please help me? I really miss this game soo much. Any way at all?

21-Jul-2016 00:13:18

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Dear Mods -- I have been playing since 2002 and I keep seeing people getting 5 or 10 year vet capes in the news. How do I get recognized for being a vet of 16 years?

I'm Stevie, 33, female, and live in FL w/ my wonderful husband. I've been playing R/S on and off since 2002 back when Classic was the only version to play. Absedy is a girl's name I made up (pronounced 'Ab-said-dee'). PM me in-game!

05-May-2017 00:05:04

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