RuneScape: Idle Adventures

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Sounds like it has potential.

Bit annoyed at the amount of people complaining though, dev time for the main game isn't being impacted as it is being created by a different studio.

There is a huge difference too between getting RS to work on mobile and creating a completely new game from scratch designed from the ground up to be a mobile game.

Also people complaining about how it will most likely have MTXs/paywalls make me lol. That is the model for the majority of f2p mobile games and games of this genre. If you don't like it then don't play, simple.

Taken from a post by Mod Balance:

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"It'll work in a similar way to Adventure Capitalist (HyperHippo also make that game) - so you don't really have to pay to unlock anything, and it's not really "paying to win" since the only thing you win in a game like this is your own satisfaction. Interestingly, Adventure Capitalist has no leaderboards, so you're only paying to get yourself ahead.

Sure it'll have micro-transactions, but those are there if you want to use them, rather than unlocking stuff behind a paywall."
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