Double XP | 15th September

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Double XP Weekend is on the way, kicking off at 12:00 UTC (game time) on 15th September, and running until 12:00 UTC on 18th September.

That's 72 hours of +100% XP for RuneScape members and +20% XP for free players. If you've not partaken in Double XP Weekend should! It's big, noisy fun with the whole community, and a definite 'Scaping experience.

Start prepping now to maximise your gains on the big weekend. Stock up on vials, unstrung bows, or whatever you need to power through your skill (or skills!) of choice.

See you in game on 15th September!

The RuneScape Team

11-Aug-2017 17:16:59

War tortoise
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War tortoise

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Greedy noob said:

what do you mean again?

Blackwing said:
Cool, but can we still get a confirmation whether or not combat pets will be released before or after this?

umm what? combat pets probably haven't even had work start on them, the polls only finished a week or 2 ago.
*~War Tortoise

15-Aug-2017 14:02:21

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