Price Changes - 4th June 2018

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Shooter Mann

Shooter Mann

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stupid f****** idea.

when i played in 2007 membership was $5 a month.

why would i pay $11? make it 5 again if you want me to buy membership

jagex your game is not worth $11 a month sorry. high prices drive subs down. look at what happened to elderscrolls online when they thought they could charge $60 for a disk and a $15 monthly fee on top of that. the game tanked so bad it went free 2 play cause no one was having any of that nonsense.

theres only like 10k daily players logged in if you look at all the servers already. youre nuts if you think that numbers not gonna tank with price increases.
get rid of microtransactions and set the game back to $5 if you want each server full of 2000 people again.

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