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Zeera said:
@ Any Jmod

I like all the updates, but I'm kind of confused on the DG one. I'm a maxed player and most of us have 200M Dung. I use to love doing the skill, but Now It's no fun as there is no xp gained at all...

Can you ask them to consider maybe swapping DG xp earned for other skills at maybe half rate or something else to get the maxed dg players back into it like it use to be during the day when the skill was released and massively popular?

PS: Also if there was a way to "in general" to swap lamps out that a player already has 200m in for less xp in a diff skill, that would be great!!

Most of us have 200M dg? Uhhh, have you looked at the hiscores lately or taken a walk around a world that isn't W48?

"Most" RuneScapers in reality don't have 200M or even 120 in ANYTHING. Nor are they even closed to maxed. This idea that everyone is maxed that quite a few maxed players seem to have based simply on anecdotal evidence within their own clan or small friends group is just false. There is plentiful info out there to prove it false. Only a small amount of the playerbase is actually maxed, so can we stop pretending everyone is maxed please?? It's just incorrect.

We are actually a minority.

Maxed players are not the only people updates need to cater to. And this is coming from someone who is comped, nearly trimmed comp and long since maxed with extensive experience/success in near every aspect of the game. I'm also 200M dg xp, before you try to throw that one at me

However, that being said, I agree with you on one point. God it's annoying to get lamps in skills you have 200M xp in. Coverting lamps would be a nice fix and I don't feel that that is a big enough update to need to cater to multiple player types.

Remember, mobile is likely to bring in an influx of new players, and catering to them too is going to be important to the game's future. NOT just catering to the endgamers and 120 skilled/maxed+ player class.

13-Apr-2018 20:55:32

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