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Except, that these updates were ALREADY in development.

You haven't hired anyone new to make these updates, so they are not proof that the price update is finding anything.

Not to mention, I suspect more people want Solak cancelled (until a solo option is added) than want it released, Player Owned Farms is fair enough and in demand, and the Elite Dungeons.... I really hope they are soloable. I won't judge from a concept, but it seems to me that they are already intended to be more stupid group content and balanced as such, rather than scaling properly to offer a solo, duo or trio challenge. If by "soloable but very hard" as you say, you mean "needs Achto and good RNG" then that is not soloable.

And even if they were the three most amazing updates in the world, they're still being made by developers that already worked for you, so no sign of 'investment' here.

What would be an indication would be you guys removing TH and any other form of XP selling MTX. Or showing that you're hiring some more developers (ideally ones who alreayd play the game) to develop the current generation of Unfinished Business (removing 4taa, Shattered Worlds improvements that were promised last year, weapon diversification and new abilities, the new solo(able) boss....)

13-Apr-2018 19:07:34

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