Turtle Shell Backpack?

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With the addition of the New t88 Tetsu upgrades, Gold/Ornate Katana/ Owari etc, we have a ton of Katana in this game but where is the Turtle Shell Backpack?

It's just surreal they would put in this many Katana's and push hard the eastern lands and Samurai stuff but no Turtle shell :@

I'm not the best artist but this is kinda what I'm talking about. See Ninja Turtles or even a Super Mario Koopa Shell backpack for inspiration.

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This would be awesome :) Support 100%

I really wish Jagex shifted their monetisation strategy away from Treasure Hunter and towards Solomon's Store :(
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Support. I can see being Ninja Turtles or Master Roshi. ROFL
The shell should be more "Authentic" though, so like a light BROWN.
UNLESS you make it toggle Green/Brown.
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